Sidilarsen + Severny Flot @ Divan Du Monde (Paris), le 11 Octobre 2016

Le groupe français ne cesse d’être en activité intense, sort ses albums régulièrement et continue à tourner inlassablement.
Pour le bonheur de ses fans. Qui viennent finalement relativement nombreux au concert.
Car on sentait un problème d’affluence au début, mais finalement le parterre est bien rempli.
Première partie via un groupe russe, dont je fais le report ci-dessous en Anglais, sur une demande de fan du groupe. Français, vous comprendrez relativement aisément ce qui y est raconté de toutes manières.

СЕВЕРНЫЙ ФЛОТ (Severny Flot)

A fan from Russia asked me if I could write a report in English about a show and so I will try, for the first time, to write an English report, but covering the concert of Severny Flot only.
In the middle of Paris, close to Pigalle, you can find a very beautiful place called « Le Divan du Monde ». This place has a story which starts around the 19th century. It is a place where Charles Beaudelaire used to hang out a lot. Later it was also a place with a Japanese decoration. A lot of transformations have been made throughout years, few scandals, and you could also meet Toulouse-Lautrec, Pablo Picasso during their time there. It even became a porn movie theatre (for a while). But in 1994, it was reopened as we know it today, dedicated to « world music ». Renovated in 2009, this place is now one of my favourite in Paris.
Not too many people, a balcony, in the center of Paris, you can really see very well the bands who are playing, wherever you are. It’s not the perfect place ever, but one of the best ones, for sure.
I arrived late, so I missed the first 3 or 4 songs of Severny Flot. But as a guest, they had a long set. I was surprised with that, because they played around 45-50 minutes, which is not that usual.
Unfortunately, noone knew this band. It’s true that it was kind of difficult to find some information about them. No music online, neither on a Facebook page.
A lot of people, almost everyone in the room that evening, was carefully listening to what the band was playing.
First of all, I have to admit that their music was not really my « cup of tea », not something I typically enjoy listening to. But I also have to admit that the songs were pretty good and well executed. This kind of commercial-rock, with some metal influences can have a lot of success, especially in the Eastern countries. I figured that they like this kind of music, and that it’s played a lot on TV there. Unlike in France where almost any kind of rock is banned from TV & public radios.
A good show, motivated musicians, a good sound => the audience was charmed by them, a huge crowd stayed for the whole show listening to them. Mission accomplished for this Russian band. (The guitarist even apologized for the current Franco-Russian relations which are not that great).


Le groupe commence quasiment à l’heure et envoie directement la bonne ambiance qui ne mets pas beaucoup de secondes avant de se propager au public.
Un bon best-of des morceaux du groupe sans oublier quelques extraits du très bon dernier opus, il faut le noter.
C’est carré, le son est bon et l’énergie est palpable.
Le public transforme le Dance-Floor en terrain de jeu. On aura droit à un petit Wall Of Death.
Bref, 1H30 de bons morceaux, d’énergie, de bonne ambiance dans une salle plutôt bien remplie.
C’est sûr que le groupe se fera un plaisir de repasser dans cette salle pour la énième fois.